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Low-Carb Chipotle Options Are Here! - Dream Keto
Low-Carb Chipotle Options Are Here!

Chipotle Mexican Grill is a well known name that guarantees true treats for everyone’s senses. Their tacos are tasty, juicy, the flavors are amazing and their burritos, oh well, they are hearty and delicious. In the world of fast food giants, Chipotle is certainly among the leaders (if not the leader when it comes to Mexican cuisine).

The quality is top-notch, service is great too but they are different from the rest in one interesting aspect. Other fast food restaurants do not offer keto friendly meals.

Thanks to Chipotle’s wide variety of meals, one can eat keto friendly food here and still indulge in it to the maximum. Many fitness and health pros have already been taking advantage of this fact.

  • If you’d like to explore that side of Chipotle too, take a look below and learn about low carb options that you can order at the beloved Chipotle.

Keto diet at Chipotle – Do’s and Don’ts


Considering that the low-carb diet requires individuals to keep away from carbs, going to Chipotle and ordering a burrito isn’t such a good idea. Clear figures tell us why.

One wrap has as much as 50 carbs!

On top of that, a burrito also comes with corn, beans, rice and other ingredients that are rich in carbs.

    • Remember your keto macros?

Well, by ordering a burrito and similar options, the limit will be crossed before you know it.

Obviously, it is established now that some popular options cannot be considered due to the amount of carbs that come along with them. If we were to wander to the other extreme, the ‘carb-free’ (almost) options would be salads that are also good Chipotle options.

Fortunately, Chipotle offers the option of customizing, e.g. arranging your salad according to your taste. Remember, you have to stay in keto Chipotle mode before anything else.

It is recommended that your salad has a variety of dairy products, meats, various veggies and salsa. Seeing that you can make many choices at Chipotle due to the huge number of offerings, let’s be of help and try to narrow down some options that would greatly help you when it’s time to ‘customize’ and choose.

Meat options include the following: barbacoa, chicken, steak and carnitas.

  • The meat substitution comprises of sofritas and vegans love it. Sofritas are made by shredding Hodo Soy tofu that is marinated in a spicy sauce.
  • When it comes to veggies, go for lettuce and fajita vegetables.
  • Low-carb salsas include fresh tomato salsa, tomatillo red chili salsa, tomatillo green chili salsa and guacamole.

Here you have the essential parts (ingredients) that can only benefit you if you’re on a keto diet. Also, bear in mind that Chipotle offers ‘Burrito Bowls’.

If you don’t know what they are, they are, simply put, burritos without wraps. Everything from a burrito but only without a wrap. People suffering from diabetes often go for this option, people who want to eat keto Chipotle order the bowls, too.

When it comes to drinks, it should go without saying but let’s put some emphasis on that – take plain water only. If you crave coke, go for diet coke and if you used to drink juices, unsweetened tea is a good substitute.

The salad bowl ingredients – recommendation

Many health enthusiasts that are keto diets prefer the so called number 1 keto option – The Salad Bowl. It’s the safest option and one cannot easily get off the beaten track and overindulge in carbs here.

Here is a list of recommended ingredients along with their corresponding carb content:

  • Chicken – 0g
  • Steak – 0g
  • Romaine lettuce – 1g
  • Carnitas – 0g
  • Barbacoa – 1g
  • Chorizo – 1g
  • Fajita vegetables – 3g
  • Sofritas – 5.5g
  • Guacamole – 2g
  • Cheese – 1g
  • Tomatillo Red-Chili Salsa – 2.5g
  • Tomatillo Green-Chili Salsa – 4g
  • Fresh Tomato Salsa- 0g

These ingredients guarantee tasty but still keto Chipotle meals. As you can see, many of them contain less than 2 grams of carb content which is great.

What you need to avoid



People who are new in this keto diet frenzy often have a hard time avoiding all the ‘bad’ foods and ingredients. Some are not informed enough, some do not take time to read the label and that’s perfectly fine when you are a beginner. Mistakes happen.

Well, that’s why it is worth talking about ingredients that need to be avoided at Chipotle. These ingredients are high in carbs and they are guaranteed to get you out of the ketosis state before the end of your meal. In order for that not to happen, here is a list of ingredients you need to avoid at Chipotle.

These are not low carb Chipotle ingredients and thus do not serve as good keto Chipotle options.

Let’s take a look below!

  • High carb drinks – as it was mentioned once above, if you used to drink coke, juices and other sweetened drinks, that has to stop. At Chipotle, you should avoid the margaritas, soft drinks and beer. What’s the point of avoiding carbs while creating your perfect Chipotle option but stuffing yourself with artificial sweeteners and other harmful things in the drink later. Sticking to plain water is the safest option.
  • Taco shells – bear in mind that one large taco shell contains 13 grams of net carbs. With the help of simple mats by ordering three you get 40 grams net carbs from the shells alone. It’s safe to say that shells are a no-no.
  • Tortilla chips – one serving of tortilla chips has around 70 grams of carbs. Is there something else that needs to be said here? Probably not. Seventy grams is surely beyond your carb limit so no chips for you!
  • Burrito wraps – one shell comes with astounding 50 grams of carbs. Again, this is an obvious example of what you need to avoid at Chipotle.
  • Rice – even if you order brown rice one serving will have around 40 grams net carbs.
  • Beans – many forget that beans are not good for ketosis, black beans have around 20 grams of carbs per one serving.
  • Dressings high in the carb – these include vinaigrette, roasted chili corn salsa and corn salsa, these all have over 10 grams net carbs per one serving.

Let Chipotle help you

If you’re still on the fence when it comes to keto Chipotle options, you can visit their website and see what they offer yourself. Their website has many awesome features but one that really stands out is the feature that allows you to customize your meal.

Along with that you get to see the nutritional info for every ingredient. Considering that you’re on a keto diet, it really comes in handy. Health enthusiasts know very well how difficult it is sometimes to plan out the daily macros intake. So, visit their website and find some help.

Also, Chipotle’s website has a section dedicated to nutrition. When you access that section, you can see all the dairy options and there you can find great ingredients for you low carb Chipotle meal.

This feature is something that almost no one else offers. The majority of fast food giants seem to forget that nowadays there are more and more people who count their calories and rely heavily on nutritional information.

Chipotle is displaying great respect towards their low-carb customers by introducing this section to their website.

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning that not all low-carb options shown on the Chipotle website apply well to keto. However, do know that Chipotle didn’t have keto diet in mind when creating this website.

Nevertheless, the site and this nutrition section is nothing short of useful. Actually, it is quite useful and helpful.


Keto Chipotle is not perfect. To be honest, nothing is really perfect but let’s not trick ourselves into believing that Chipotle is a restaurant specialized in low-carb meals.

It really does offer some great low-carb options and their ingredients are great. The quality is there, it’s really good but you’ll be able to find places that better suit your dietary needs. Low carb Chipotle options are fairly limited when compared to specialized restaurants. Also, Chipotle doesn’t offer breakfast options.

These are some downsides that need to be mentioned. There is no bias, just the hard cold truth. Chipotle is really awesome, especially when compared to other fast food establishments. But it is not perfect! Remember that.


People who adore Mexican food will adore Chipotle. People who both adore Mexican food and are on keto diets, well, this will become their go-to place for dining.

Be creative with your meal and always explore your options. Just remember to keep yourself within ‘the low-carb range’ of ingredients. The ingredients are high-quality and they are juicy so you won’t be making a mistake. You will not get out of the state of ketosis and you will definitely get your value for the money.

Rest assured about that. However, as it is said, Chipotle is not the perfect solution when it comes to keto-friendly dining establishments. But that doesn’t mean that you should abandon the idea of going keto in a Chipotle restaurant.