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Is Almond Milk Keto and What are Low Carb Milk Options? - Dream Keto
Is Almond Milk Keto and What are Low Carb Milk Options?
milk with dropping sugar

Keto diet followers know that keeping the carb intake within limits is crucial. The ketogenic diet’s focal point revolves around carbs. That’s why people who’re on this regimen pay close attention to what they eat and drink. Even though the vast majority of dairy products are keto friendly, the case is not the same when it comes to milk.

Butter is keto friendly and so are cheese and cream but you have to be careful with milk. Milk is high in sugar and many people suffer from digestive issues due to milk. Due to these and some other reasons, keto dieters often look for substitutes for milk.

Let’s delve deeper into this issue!

What’s up with milk?

  • Why is milk something keto dieters avoid?
  • Is there a special type of milk that is good for keto dieters?
  • Is there keto milk?

Well, look, when you’re on a keto diet you have to keep the carb intake below 30 grams per day. In order to do this you have to stay away from everything that has carbs. Pasta, pizza, bread, everything that has carbs is a no-no.

Keto followers opt for foods that will allow them to stay in the state of ketosis. Their meals usually have around 10 grams of carbs or less. With one glass of milk, you get 13 grams of net carbs. That’s the issue in this case. If you’re big on milk, you probably drink more than one cup for breakfast, for example. So, two cups along with you keto friendly meal might get you of ketosis. That’s something no one wants. 

You’re probably wondering where all these carbs come from. Carbs in milk are mostly lactose. Lactose is that sugar in milk that makes it so sweet. Another important issue that shouldn’t be overlooked here is that many people are lactose intolerant.

That means that they have a difficult time digesting milk. This usually happens at a certain age but it’s mainly determined by genetics. Some people reach this stage earlier while some people start suffering from it by their twenties. Here is a fun fact that concerns this problem.

Only one percent of Chinese people are able to digest lactose. On the other hand ninety percent of Scandinavian people can do that.

Wow, right?

It would be awesome if there existed no carb milk for the Chinese 🙂

What’s the deal with almond milk?

keto milk jar

You’ve probably read somewhere that almond milk serves as the most popular substitute for milk among keto dieters. That’s fairly reasonable since this milk comes from a plant, well, from almonds.

Vegans and keto followers love almond milk because it’s low carb and awesome (keto) milk substitute. Almond milk is available in most of the stores wherever you are and there are often variations like vanilla or chocolate almond milk, sweetened or unsweetened almond milk. This is awesome because you can drink low carb milk and it will be tasty. No doubt about it.

On top of all these benefits, you can make this milk yourself. You just need your kitchen for it. So, if you want your keto milk, you need purified water, a blender, almonds and that would be about it. You have your almond milk that is keto friendly!

If you want to make it even better and tastier, you can add in stevia or vanilla drops just so that you kick up the sweetness. Last but not least, save the almond pulp. It can be a nice low-carb dessert. You can even use it for a keto friendly cheesecake. Well, as keto friendly as it can be. But, save the pulp, it’s tasty nonetheless.

Almond milk for keto dieters: Benefits

  • A powerful antioxidant
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Awesome for lactose intolerant folks
  • Has thiamin, riboflavin and magnesium
  • Reduces the risk of heart diseases

These were some of the benefits that don’t necessarily concern the keto diet.

Other low carb milk options

Let’s take a look at other low carb milk options. We’ve already talked about almond keto milk. However, there are other options besides almond one. Take a look below.

  • Hemp milk

You won’t get high, don’t worry. Hemp is grown for industrial uses and it’s a variety of the cannabis plant (marijuana). It’s not like cannabis since the industrial hemp seeds have less of the psychoactive THC compound and more nutrients. When it comes to making it’s fairly easy. Hemp seeds are blended, soaked and strained. One cup of hemp seeds has 5 grams of carbohydrates, 6 grams of fat and 5 grams of protein. These figures are pretty good.

  • Coconut milk
coconut keto milk

Here we have a keto milk substitute that’s tasty but you have to take it in moderate doses. Remember that 100 grams of this milk contains 230 calories. Fortunately, coconut milk has a really small amount of carbs but it’s also not high in protein.

What’s interesting about coconut milk is that the fat coming from it has some interesting properties that are not seen in other saturated fats. For one, coconut fats normalize glucose metabolism and reduce inflammation. They also increase good cholesterol and boost weight loss.

  • Pea milk

This milk is planted milk made using pea protein that is made of yellow peas. Pea milk is nut-free, vegan and gluten-free. It doesn’t taste like peas and it’s not green. Pea milk doesn’t have many calories but it has the same amount of protein as cow’s milk. Just remember to find unsweetened varieties when you go out to buy pea milk. Also, pea protein powder is awesome if you drink pre-workout shakes. It has numerous health benefits that will be of great benefit to you.

Who would have thought that pea milk can serve as low carb milk?

  • Flax milk

Flax milk is best known for its price. It’s not expensive, on the contrary, you can get it for a fraction of the price of other dairy substations. Again, this milk is also low carb milk which makes it keto milk too. On top of that, flax milk is especially high in omega-3 fatty acids. This means lower inflammation and better brain functioning. The vast majority of flaxseed milk has preservatives in it. It’s because of the omega 3 fatty acid content.

Other keto friendly drinks

If you’d like to completely eliminate milk and all kinds of milk from your diet, here you have a list of drinks that are keto-friendly and that you can drink as much as you want.


It’s pretty simple, you can drink water as much as you like. There is no need to explain anything here. It’s just water. But it’s your best choice.


Coffee is keto friendly and it can serve as a great energy booster in the morning. Coffee is also good for a pre-workout drink. Caffeine is an awesome stimulant but you have to take it in moderation. Caffeine promotes weight loss, suppresses appetite and keeps you in ketosis.

Keto friendly coffee drinks:

  • Black coffee
  • Black coffee with heavy cream
  • Plain lattes with almond milk


Tea has no carbs and it has numerous health benefits. This makes tea an awesome keto drink. Various studies stated that black and green tea have anti-aging and metabolic benefits and they also prevent cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Black tea

It is recommended that you try masala chai, Earl Grey and Ceylon black tea. These are high quality and they will suit your keto diet perfectly.

Green tea

Green teas that are high quality include sencha, bancha, houjicha, long jing and pi lo chun.

Herbal tea

Herbal ones are great too. Try anise, chamomile, thyme, valerian and kava root tea.

Carbonated water

Zero net carbs! Oh yes, carbonated water, mineral water, seltzer water and tonic water. They all have one thing in common. They have no carbs. If you like sodas, this is an awesome alternative. Well, that is, if you have soda cravings. On top of that, there are carbonated water brands that are infused with flavors such as coconut, lime and cranberry.


Smoothies can be your glass meals. Keto smoothies are awesome because you are in control. You decide what the taste will be like, they are good on-the-go meals. It is recommended that you pick the following ingredients when making smoothies.

  • Protein: collagen or grass fed whey powder.
  • Healthy fats: egg yolks, nut butter and avocado.
  • Add-ins: vanilla and almond extracts, matcha powder.
  • Leafy greens, kale, berries, blueberries and raspberries.


Good keto diets always include good keto drinks. It is important that you really learn all the info you have here about milk. Obviously, you shouldn’t drink the usual milk. You have good alternatives. Remember, never swap taste for ketosis. Getting in and out of the state of ketosis isn’t easy. It also isn’t healthy. Bear that in mind. You have tons of great alternatives, just do your research. It’s not that difficult.